Hydra Goal Portable

Manufactured for competition this portable is designed to withstand the rigors of pro level play.

  • CONTACT for complete drawings and specifications.
  • Single Stage Hydraulic Operation
  • Compactly Stores in 265 cu. ft. of Space
  • Fully Padded to 7' 4"
  • 9' 6" Full boom Clearance at 10' Height
  • Safety Locking Hinge
  • Locking Locator Pins
  • Direct Goal Attachment
  • Form Fitted Full Contact Upright Assembly
  • Height Adjustable from 8' to 10'

Micro-Z Portable

Easy-to-use portable roll-around backstop comes complete with 32" x 48", aluminum framed clear acrylic backboard and standard goal. Micro-Z has a spring-loaded support post for easy height adjustment (7' to 10') of the 1/2" acrylic backboard.

Storage Dimensions:
Height: 4' 6"
Length: 7' 4"

Mini E-Z Roll Around

Ideal unit for recreation and home use-players of all ages. Roll the unit out and lower it down to 7' for the kids.

Storage Dimensions:
Height: 6' 8½"
Length: 5' 2"
Width: 4'

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