Telescopic Spectator Seating

In today's multi-use facilities, a strong bleacher with minimal set-up time and increased flexibility of use is a must. Fast and convenient turnaround from seating area to total floor use is essential. A limitless range of system configurations including truncations, recoverable sections and various ADA options give you all the flexibility you need.

Portable System
Portable systems are designed so that they may be used in one part of a building and stored in another. They consist of freestanding single sections of bleachers. Portable or self-contained hydraulic dollies are provided for transporting the bleachers. Manual operation.
Reverse-Fold System
Reverse-fold systems are designed where space behind bleacher stack are is desired for other activities when the bleacher is not in use. The design is common to areas such as mezzanines and balconies. Up to 20 rows can be specified with this system.Closes from top to bottom row. Electric or manual operation.
Forward-Fold System
This is the most typical application of telescopic seating in which the bleachers open in the forward direction. They are available up to 30 rows and utilize either wall or freestanding floor attachment. Closes from bottom to top row. Manual or electric operation.
Recessed System
This sytem requires minimal clearance to fit under a balcony overhang, thereby allowingtotal utilization of available playing surface. Up to 30 rows can be specified with this sytem. Closes from bottom to top row. Electric or manual operation.
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